“Just Eat It.” is a 2014 documentary film about food waste from the farm, through the retail chain, and into the refrigerator. A couple in Canada pledge to quit grocery shopping and to live for 6 months on food that is discarded or given free. The hour-long film highlights the responsibilities consumers have if they want to change the way corporations supply food in developed countries. You can watch it free on YouTube.

If you’d like to participate in a Zoom discussion of the film, please contact Joe Joy.

Food waste is an especially high source of methane – a powerful greenhouse gas. It is also an Environmental Justice issue in terms of how much of the food that is wasted could be directed to feed people who are undernourished. The world produces enough food. It just isn’t equitably distributed so much is wasted.

Reducing our food waste at home can be accomplished by changing how we shop, store, prepare and serve food. Here are some to reduce food waste and some recipes!

Also, Thurston County Solid Waste Department has a pamphlet with great tips on how to change our food buying, storing, and eating habits to reduce waste:

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