by Sara Lewis

The latest issue of UU World magazine should have landed in your mailboxes last week. (Didn’t get one? It’s a perk of membership, and it’s also online at: UU World Magazine | The Magazine of the Unitarian Universalist Association – Liberal religion and life.)  In it UUA President Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray writes that “our commitment to democracy is theological”. It is this theological commitment to justice, equity, and democracy that led to the UU the Vote campaign last year. And it is that same commitment that leads us to continue to fight for greater access to the vote even as voter restriction laws keep popping up.

All across the nation, UU’s are showing up for justice. From serving as a sanctuary church for protesters to creating Covid memorials, UU congregations are matching actions to our values. It’s inspiring to me to read these stories and see all the many ways we can respond to this moment in history.

If you haven’t read it yet, take some time to do so!

My other reading this week was a book called The Power of Ritual by Casper Ter Kuile. This book is a secular perspective on spiritual practice, and how we can ground our life in ritual practices. The ritual practices are very diverse, from sacred reading (of secular books too) to exercise and walking as pilgrimage. The common thread is that for something to be a practice it needs intention, attention, and repetition. If you set an intention that your morning run is a spiritual practice, and pay attention and presence as you run, and repeat this regularly, then it is your spiritual practice.

If you are interested in exploring the value of practice and ritual in your life, I highly recommend this book!