Sally AlhadeffSally is a Washington state native and has lived much of her life within a few miles of where her ancestors settled in 1846. Sally and her husband, Bob Sundstrom have been members of Olympia UU congregation since 2016. Sally has a varied religious past – she was raised Catholic, converted to Judaism, and then lapsed from both for many years until becoming a member of OUUC. From her very first visit to OUUC, she knew she had found a new home. Since joining OUUC, she has participated in the annual auction and the plant sale, friendship dinners, and the choir. Before retiring in 2013, Sally spent her career in the commercial real estate industry doing everything from financing to legal documents, dispositions, and acquisitions, construction project management, and development. She has served on many professional boards where she has served in roles including public relations, finance manager, and president. She is a Master Gardener and her main occupation these days is working in her own and in community gardens. She is an avid birdwatcher and teaches senior fitness classes at Olympia Senior Center.