from Anne Hundley

Our Share the Plate recipient for September-October is Rebuilding Together Thurston County.

The mission of Rebuilding Together Thurston County is to repair homes, revitalize communities, and rebuild lives of low income homeowners in our community. Since their founding in 2003, they’ve helped over 700 people in Thurston County to continue to live in their homes. This has prevented people from becoming homeless, and supported people living in dignity, in their own home, in their neighborhood, with their friends, doctors and pets.

Many community members need help with things like ADA modifications, replacing and repairing hot water tanks, building wheelchair ramps, and other basic home needs that they can’t afford. Most of Rebuilding Together Thurston County’s homeowners live on less than $1,150 per month, and many of them live in mobile home parks, where their rent is $650/ month. With just $500/ month to cover basic expenses, if something major breaks, community members need Rebuilding Together Thurston County. If you can give monetary or volunteer support, it is welcome and will be deeply appreciated! You can learn more from their website:

This video shows the action of some of their projects.–PIOj7mI

Thank you for your generosity over the next two months!