Thankful to be Together is the theme of our Stewardship Drive this Fall. It is wonderful to provide stewardship pathways for people to support OUUC because we are grateful for all that OUUC does for our lives.  We want to sustain OUUC through our generous pledges of support.  Our congregation is certainly worthy of our support and care.  No matter who we are, at OUUC we know that we are cherished and accepted.  As we work toward a greater spiritual understanding within ourselves we also work toward a loving, just, and healthy world.  This is an opportunity to share our many gifts and join in making a commitment to OUUC.

You should receive a letter this week that has information about giving and a pledge card.  Please fill out the pledge card and send it in using the envelope provided.  If you do not receive a stewardship letter this week, please contact our Administrator, Darlene Sarkela and she will immediately send you one.

In Faith,

Eric Ness, Stewardship Team chair

Pledge here.