Sara Lewis

This month’s theme was “Healing”, a theme I found very appropriate as we dealt with a divisive national election and an ongoing global pandemic. The theme wove its way through our congregational life for all of November:

  • Mary spoke to our need to Heal Our Democracy in the worship service on November 8th: She then asked us to reflect on: What does the practice of democracy mean to you?
  • The children explored how relationships sometimes need healing in their childrens’ chapel with the story “Let’s Be Enemies” by Janice May Udry. When have you had a relationship that needed healing? How did you go about healing it?
  • Mary, Rev. Eric Ness, and Troy led Thursday Spiritual Practices on the theme of healing:
  • Covenant Circles met to discuss the theme, and many explored on their own as well. New Member Liz Clement sent me this link, to a song that has been meaningful to her and to share with others: These Wilder Things by Ruth Moody
  • And the Youth Group made a playlist together of music that they find healing:

You can see all these resources and inspirations (and add your own!) on the Healing theme padlet: November Theme: Healing (

It has been a very meaningful and appropriate theme for this month, and I want to say thank you to all who have done the work of healing. Healing is work; it doesn’t just happen by itself. Whatever kind of healing you are engaged in, whether it is physical, emotional, relational, spiritual, ancestral, or societal – you will need to be resourced and renewed to be able to do the work. I hope this month you have received some of that resourcing and renewing, and that if you have you also find a way to pass it forward, to be the person who opens the door and then makes sure that others get through it too.

May it be so, for us all.