Dear OUUC congregants and friends,

The OUUC Board of Trustees has some important updates for you this month. The board has met several times over the last month in preparation for our annual budget, to conduct annual planning, and to prepare for the stewardship campaign.

The most important points for you to know are the following:

In planning retreat, the board determined the most critical piece of work for this year’s board is to steward a process where the congregation will have an opportunity to reflect and redevelop our vision, mission, and ends. The board has authorized an expenditure of up to $5000 in order to complete this comprehensive and important process. During this time of social distancing and the monumental societal change surrounding us, we believe using the virtual technology will allow us to engage the community in a meaningful way and will help us produce a result that channels our social justice mission. We plan to engage in this work after the Christmas holiday season. Planning and consultant selection is underway now.

Other top priorities for the board include enhancing, diversifying, and stabilizing our revenue streams. Connected to this work will be an evaluation of our church year and fiscal calendar. We know that this will require changes to our bylaws if the board ultimately recommends making changes in these areas and so we are targeting the April meeting for discussion and a potential vote on these changes.

Finally, the board has been working in collaboration with a number of congregants, Rev. Mary, and staff in preparing for a safe re-opening of our OUUC facilities. Safety protocols will be critical for us to move forward in a safe and sustainable way. We will continue to maintain a connection to this work through our capacity sub-committee that is already underway.

The video produced by our Treasurer, Jason Martinelli, mirrors this board line update and we hope you are getting the information you need. However, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact any member of the board.

We wish all of you health and safety. Please stay connected and supportive.

On behalf of the OUUC Board of Trustees,

James Trujillo

OUUC Board President, 20-21