Spiritual Life Ministry

ACCOUNTABLE PERSON: Rev. Mary Gear, Minister

PURPOSE: Provides for the spiritual life of the congregation and its members and friends of all ages and circumstances, opening them to wonder and awe; facilitating their connections to the spirit of life and love; transforming and equipping them to respond to the needs of the world.

OUUC’s Spiritual Life Ministry includes:

  • Worship
  • Music
  • Pastoral Care
  • Addictions and Recovery Ministry
  • Spiritual Practice Groups
  • Memorial Services Committee
  • Sunday morning AV volunteers
  • Sunday flowers
  • Sanctuary Art


Faith Development Ministry

ACCOUNTABLE PERSON: Sara Lewis, Director of Religious Education

PURPOSE: Faith Development Ministry expands knowledge, deepens understanding and strengthens Unitarian Universalist identity in people of all ages and circumstances.

OUUC’s Faith Development Ministry includes:

  • Religious Education Programs for children
  • Youth programs
  • Adult Religious Education
  • Circles of the Spirit


Community Life Ministry

ACCOUNTABLE PERSON:  Rev. Kari Kopnick, Community Life Coordinator (Interim)

PURPOSE:  Community Life Ministry attends to the health of the congregation as a living, growing body. It creates and maintains a congregational culture where all who step through our doors are welcomed, accepted, supported, and encouraged in their spiritual journeys. It develops and provides multiple pathways to strengthen and deepen participants’ connection and commitment to their own growth, to one another, to OUUC, to Unitarian Universalism, and to the wider world, equipping all for leadership through discernment and development of their gifts.

OUUC’s Community Life Ministry includes:

  • Member Recruitment, Education and Engagement
  • Affinity Groups (eg. PUGs)
  • Sunday Morning Hospitality Teams and Coffee Crew
  • Partner Church Committee
  • Caring Friends Listserve


Faith in Action Ministry

ACCOUNTABLE PERSON: The Rev. Carol McKinley, Affiliated Community Minister

PURPOSE: Faith in Action Ministry responds to the needs of our world through service, financial support, education, witness, and advocacy, creating meaningful transformation in us and the world through collaborative work for justice, environmental justice and care for the earth.

OUUC’s Faith in Action Ministry includes:

  • Justice Programs
  • Share the Plate
  • Green Sanctuary


Resource Ministry

ACCOUNTABLE PERSON: Darlene Sarkela, Congregational Administrator

PURPOSE: Resource Ministry enables and supports the Mission and Ends of OUUC by providing essential infrastructure and resource management functions, including overall church administration, facilities management, communication systems, and human relations.

OUUC’s Resource Ministry includes:

  • Office Functions
  • Communications
  • Facilities Management
  • Buildings and Grounds
  • Human Resources


Other Executive Functions:

The minister as Executive oversees and cooperates with other committees Including:

  • A team comprised of the accountable persons for the five ministries and led by the Minister as Executive will be responsible for budgeting and ensuring coordination within and across ministries
  • The Stewardship Committee will work with the Minister (and others as needed)
  • The Finance Committee will support the work of the Minister as Executive
  • The Leadership Development Committee is defined in the bylaws and partners with the Minister, the Board and the Community Life Coordinator as needed.
  • Denominational Relations


Board Committees:

The Endowment Committee is responsible directly to the Board.


OUUC Org Chart