We are a liberal religious community that opens minds, fills hearts, and transforms lives.

– OUUC Mission Statement


OUUC began in October of 1952 as the Unitarian Fellowship of Olympia and grew from a small membership into the current Olympia Unitarian Universalist Congregation with a membership of over 275. As a UU congregation, we determine our own Mission and Covenant, create our own budget, call our own minister and set our own organizational structure and bylaws within the denomination’s basic principles. We regularly review our Mission and Goals and renew our Covenant with one another.



We the members, staff, and ministers of the Olympia Unitarian Universalist Congregation, enter into this covenant as an expression of our commitment to each other. Because we value our congregation, we promise to…

  • enhance its health with our time, talent, energy, and financial resources;
    and honor our commitments here.

Because we seek to be a friendly and inclusive congregation, we promise to…

  • provide a safe and nurturing environment for all our members, young and old;
    assist those among us who have urgent needs for care and support;
    and provide opportunities for personal and spiritual growth.

Because we choose to walk together we promise to…

  • create and support an organizational structure that is responsive, responsible, identifiable, and accessible;
    share our gifts as we participate in the leadership of the congregation;
    and encourage our congregational leaders to listen and speak openly, understand deeply, work with fairness, and serve with passion

Because we need not think alike to love alike, we promise to…

  • speak and work openly, honestly, and lovingly with our leadership, providing informed, constructive feedback when we believe change is needed.

Because we recognize that conflict is normal we promise to…

  • speak with each other directly and honestly from a position of respect, kindness and love, recognizing that to do so, there will be times we need to seek counsel from the community.

Because we strive to live our Unitarian Universalist principles, we promise to…

  • inform ourselves about and engage issues that concern our larger communities.