Have you wondered how the OUUC staff decide what to do about congregational activities as the COVID epidemic waxes and wanes?

The Health and Safety Task Force, the OUUC staff, and the Board have adopted a system that defines the risk of disease transmission each week. For each of the five risk categories, a spreadsheet specifies suitable restrictions. Once you know the risk category, you (and the staff) will be able to plan your activities at OUUC during the upcoming week. Here is the graph: 9-2021 OUUC Phased Reopening Guidelines. Find more information here: https://covidactnow.org/.  The entire OUUC Guidance is available here.

The church staff will determine the risk of Covid transmission on Tuesdays and publish their findings in the Weekly Update that day. It will also be posted on the website. If you prefer, you can contact the office, consult the website, or call a friend to learn what restrictions apply. We think this system will work well for all of us.

If we have learned one thing about pandemics, it is that we need to be aware and adaptable. What is true on Tuesday may not be true on Sunday. We apologize in advance for the surprises, and we’ll do our best to be as consistent as we can.

If you are puzzled about something in the spreadsheet or have suggestions, you may contact Pat Sonnenstuhl.

We expect that our attempt to put these decisions on “autopilot” will have to be adapted to circumstances from time to time. Be familiar with the spreadsheet and check it frequently online (or otherwise) so you can plan with confidence.

Best wishes from the Health and Safety Task Force

Polly Taylor, Frank Turner, Pat Sonnenstuhl, Chris Parke, Tim Ransom, Jerald Dodson, Brian Coyne (Board liaison), Marie Arensmeyer (Facilities Manager), Rev. Mary Gear