For years OUUC has enjoyed our beautiful current logo designed by Martha Guilfoyle. Now, with a brand new outlook in the form of a revitalized Mission, Vision, and Ends — plus a website redesign in progress — it’s a great time to reinvent our logo and create something that reflects where we’re going!

Calling All Artists!

Anyone interested is welcome to participate! Jo Sahlin, OUUC Media Specialist, can answer any questions.

What We’re Looking For

A good logo is versatile, fitting for many different contexts and media. It can also carry messages about who we are and how we want to be seen in the world. The chalice is a well-known symbol representing Unitarian Universalism, and is a popular choice for many UU congregations. Our logo does not necessarily need to incorporate this imagery, however! There are many ways of expressing our identity and our alignment with the UU faith tradition.

How This Process Will Work

Initial designs are due August 1.
The OUUC community will be invited to vote on their favorite logo sometime after that–updates to come! This process is about finding the best fit for OUUC; it may be fluid, and it may take a while. I may also work with artists to help optimize the final product for all of its many uses.

What imagery conveys our commitment to a loving, just, and healthy world? What symbols might communicate Welcome and Wonder, Embrace and Empower, and Bridge and Become? How can we graphically affirm the worth and dignity of every person in the infinite, interdependent WEB of life?

I look forward to seeing the products of your imaginations!

Questions? Comments? Any other inquiries? Contact Jo: